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National Coordinating Center (NCC)

The only national center on college options for students with ID in the US, NCC collects data, creates resources, offers training and provides technical assistance for colleges and universities, transition professionals, K-12 educators, families, students and more.

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Future Quest Island Explorations (FQI-E)

An online, accessible curriculum supporting college and career awareness for children with and without disabilities in grades 3-5. FQI-E uses gaming strategies to motivate and support students to develop self-concept, social-emotional competence, and early college and career awareness.

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Moving Transition Forward (MTF)

A research project comprised of three phases of analysis on data collected about students attending high schools and college-based transition programs across the U.S. to define, explore, and compare critical aspects of two models of transition services via secondary analysis of national datasets.

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Transition Leadership (TL)

An online, 18 credit certificate program offered by UMass Boston focuses on the transition from high school to adult life for young people with a wide range of disabilities. The program is based on the national standards produced by CEC’s Division on Career Development and Transition, and all graduates leave with a MA state endorsement or national transition certificate.

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Kathy BechtIf you have a question, Ask Kathy! Email her at If she doesn’t know, she’ll ask her team

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It’s now 2022 and many young advocates are making New Year’s resolutions to start using social media to advocate for themselves.

Phew! Another year in the books. It wasn't easy, but it was super productive-- and we had fun, too! It was nice to look back on 2021 to review what we accomplished. There were publications, trainings, new team members, and much, much more!

What are Think College Policy Advocates? College students with intellectual disability have an opportunity each year to attend a disability policy conference and learn how to advocate for themselves and others with disabilities. Hear from some of the 2021 participants about their experiences.