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3/9/21 | Improving Accessibility for Students and Faculty with Disabilities”, featured in EdTech: Focus on Higher Education (by Alexander Huls)

This article calls on IT teams at colleges and universities to encourage staff and faculty to use accessible technology to support students with disabilities and improve engagement for all learners. Cate Weir was quotes in this article, recommending the use of plain language and images to improve accessibility across learning environments.

10/25/19 | Helping students with intellectual disabilities conquer college, featured in The Hechinger Report (by Kelly Field)

"[Cate] Weir said college is the 'perfect incubator' for young adults with intellectual disabilities, providing a relatively safe space where they can take charge of their own lives." Aggies Elevated at Utah State University is featured in this article, but the overall focus are the extensive benefits of college for students with ID.

6/12/19 | Disabled should also be in college mainstream, featured in Sentinel & Enterprise (by Chris Lisinski)

This article was written by a Massachusetts Statehouse News reporter, about legislation that would expand higher education access for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at all 29 higher education institutes in MA. College students, college educators, advocates, and Debra Hart, were in attendance to speak in support of this legislation.

3/25/19 | Higher Education Is Becoming More Inclusive Of Students With Intellectual Disabilities, featured on WUMW, Milwaukee’s NPR (by Emily Files)

Colleges and universities around the country are becoming more inclusive for students with intellectual disabilities. This article features the growth of programs in Wisconsin, and how important it was for Lauren Buchanan to attend college. The author of the article spoke with Debra Hart, and concludes by saying that advocacy efforts are a contributing factor to the growth of inclusive higher education.

3/18/19 | What happens after college for students with Down syndrome? Answer: A LOT, featured on the TODAY website (by Rachel Paula Abramson)

This article highlights all the things that people with Down syndrome do at college and after: take classes, make friends, graduate, get a job (or jobs), have romantic relationships, live independently—and more! Several personal stories are featured, and Meg Grigal is quoted.

3/12/19 | CE2019: Creating Programs for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, featured on American Education Today, a blog by American Council on Education (ACE)

On March 12, Cate Weir was part of a panel presentation at the annual ACE convention, where she contributed to a discussion about how to start an inclusive college program for students with I/DD. Other panelists were a parent and businessman from Washington state, and two faculty members from George Mason University, including Heidi Graff, academic coordinator of the Mason LIFE program.

2/26/19 | Postsecondary Programs More Inclusive, Report Finds, featured in Disability Scoop

Michelle Diament writes about information from the Year Three Annual Report of the TPSID Model Demonstration Projects (2017–2018), noting that with an increasing number of colleges offering programs for those with intellectual disabilities, higher education programs are becoming more inclusive and leading to better outcomes. Meg Grigal is quoted in the article noting that there are more programs, and there is more work to be done.

8/1/18 | Transitioning Students with Disabilities, featured in School Administrator magazine

The article details the complex work involved for high school teachers and school administrators to support students in attending college, working, and achieving other personal goals, post-high school. Meg Grigal provides some national context for this work, and colleagues from the Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative, Holyoke Community College, Minot State University (ND), and Campus Connect (WI) are also featured in the article.

6/25/18 | ‘The choice should be there.’ More colleges enroll students with intellectual disabilities, featured on

This article highlights all the positive activity happening in inclusive higher education in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. The focus is on Emily Scott, who is preparing to attend the new RAM Program at West Chester University this fall. Debra Hart, co-PI for Think College, is quoted, as are leaders from Temple University and West Chester University.

3/29/18 | Meet Colton, a student with Down syndrome, who plans to take part in the wave of inclusive higher ed programs, featured on PublicSource website

This article about a young man preparing for college, features information and statistics from the Think College website. Ann Marie Licata, from the PA Inclusive Higher Education Consortium (PIHEC) and Sherri Landis, from the DREAM Partnership, are quoted in the article.

1/15/18 | #25-College & High School: "Think College" for Students with Disabilities, featured on the LOMAH website and via podcast.

The Land of Milk and Honey interviewed Cate Weir for this podcast on college options for students with differing abilities. The interviewer, Kim Albrecht, asks questions about the website, the college database, and the history of the Think College project.

12/21/17 | Opportunities Rise for College Students with Intellectual Disabilities, featured in the Christian Science Monitor

This article highlights the growth in college programs for students with ID, with a link to the Think College website and quotes from Tom Sannicandro and Debra Hart.

12/2/17 | David Seville is the Heart of Clemson Football, featured on ESPN YouTube channel

David, graduate of the Clemson LIFE program, is now the equipment manager of the championship Clemson football team. David, his dad, and the football coach are interviewed, as are other friends of David.

11/20/17 | Leaving College with Lots of Benefits – But No Degree, featured on WXXI a New York State affiliate of NPR

In the second episode of the podcast, Exited, meet three young people as they leave college experiences for the real world. Cate Weir is interviewed.

8/3/17 | Developmentally Disabled, and Going to College, featured in The New York Times

This Education Life special feature, including comments by Cate Weir, covers the experiences of students with intellectual disability who are taking classes in a variety of postsecondary settings. It also examines the challenges and benefits of initiatives to include these students in college and university communities.

6/7/17 | College Students Not Limited by Down Syndrome, featured on the A&E TV/Born This Way website

Cate Weir was interviewed by staff from A&E’s award-winning show, Born This Way. The article describes the growth in college opportunities for people with Down syndrome and includes profiles of Ruby’s Rainbow scholarship recipients.

5/20/17 | Joshua Williams has special needs — and he’s proudly off to college, featured in The Seattle Times

An opinion piece contributed by Joshua’s parents, Tony & Cindi Williams, this article is about how the family discovered that Joshua had options after high school, and how the Think College website changed their lives.

5/1/17 | The Path to Higher Education With an Intellectual Disability, featured in The Atlantic

Students with disabilities who attend postsecondary programs that emphasize work experience have a better chance of finding fulfilling work. Meg Grigal is quoted in the article, citing an employment rate of 40% for students completing federally funded TPSID programs.

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