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Looking Back and Looking Forward: A Personal Perspective on How Accreditation Standards will Improve Inclusive Higher Education

Almost twenty years ago, my daughter, Laura, was in her senior year of high school and asked me where she would go to college.  Laura, who was born with Down syndrome, wanted and expected to go to college like her older brother and high school friends. At the time, there were only a few college options for students with intellectual disability (ID). 

The Power of Storytelling

“The shortest distance between two people is a story.” – Patti Digh

The power of storytelling has always intrigued me: how sharing stories can spark attention and connect us together. It’s through this connection of relating to one another that we can begin to care and take action.

What does “celebrity” mean to you?

I worked in publishing for almost 15 years. I worked with some authors whose names will never be known outside their specialized field, and I worked with others who made significant royalties from their book sales, whose names a layperson might recognize. Whether their reputation was big or small, there were many who enjoyed some level of celebrity

Everyone Has a Voice!

One of the most important things in making services and systems for people with disabilities work better is remembering that everyone has a voice. And when I say that I mean EVERYONE! They may not speak the same language as you do, they may not speak at all. They may use American Sign Language.