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Policy Issues to Watch

A new Congress is getting to work on many issues, including many important to people with disabilities. Read this new blog post by Denise Rozell, from AUCD, to find out what to watch and how you can help keep important issues on the agenda for your representatives. 

Improving College for Students with Intellectual Disability through Regulations and Guidance

There's a lot that goes on to move policy and regulations forward: people meet, recommendations are designed and submitted to the appropriate agencies, Federal guidance is passed, and legislation may be passed. In this brief post, Stephanie Smith Lee provides additional explanation.  

Informed Sex is Good Sex: Prioritizing Intimacy Education for College Students with Intellectual Disability

For the health, safety, and happiness of people with intellectual disabilities, intimacy education is key. Find out ways you can make sure college students with ID have access to information about relationships and intimacy.