A Poem of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I am thankful for: 

Traveling around the country, meeting people, and

Helping teach them about college options for students with intellectual disability.

Amazing coworkers who are dedicated and smart and fun. (See them all listed here.)

New college programs that are created so more students with intellectual disability can go to college!

Kind people who answer emails, messages, and phone calls from people around the country when they have questions about students with intellectual disability going to college. (Thanks to Kathy and our TA providers.)

Federal and state legislation, task forces, and funding to sustain and advance postsecondary education for students with intellectual disability. (Learn more on the What's Happening in Your State page.)

Universities and colleges that make the commitment to having a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Leaders who have taught me about about past and present disability issues and advocacy… people like Stephanie Smith Lee, Debra Hart & Meg Grigal, Liz Weintraub, Cate Weir, Denise Rozell, and so many others. Thank you for all you do!

About the post author: Rebecca (Becky) Lazo is Knowledge Translation Manager for Think College. She gets the privilege of creating and sharing information about the good work being done by her co-workers on the Think College team via the website, social media, publications and resources, and more. She is super excited about some new projects underway at Think College!