Introducing Inside Think College, a new blog

Welcome to Inside Think College, a new Blog feature we are launching this year. Every month, one of our team members will share thoughts on a current Think College project, shed light on some day-to-day tasks, or just reflect on current events in the field of inclusive higher education.

Our projects at Think College cover a range of issues. You may know a bit about our work as the National Coordinating Center. As part of our work on this project, we are making plans to support newly funded TPSID programs and connect with national partners. We are also updating data collection systems, planning new initiatives, and making updates to our website. Some cool stuff is also happening in our continuing projects. The Future Quest Island-Explorations project is launching a pilot of its online game-based curriculum focusing on early college and career awareness for elementary school students with and without disabilities. Moving Transition Forward project is conducting research on conventional and college-based transition services. Our Transition Leadership program is training a new cohort of transition professionals. And our work continues on a variety of college-based transition service initiatives.

Our team members perform a wide range of tasks to keep all these projects moving forward simultaneously, and often work across projects. All of this hard work helps each of these project build toward our greater mission—increasing expectations and expand opportunities for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to access higher education as a pathway to employment.

We hope our new blog will help you get to know more about us and the work we do. Please send us your questions, request topics for us to address, and most importantly: share it with your networks. We hope you will enjoy this new feature and would love to hear from you. You can reach us at

Rebecca Lazo, white woman with hazel eyes and long brown hair, smiling with head cocked to right, looking at the camera Post author: Rebecca Lazo, Knowledge Translation Associate for Think College National Coordinating Center. Rebecca has worked for the NCC for 5 years, managing all of the publications, outreach, social media, monthly newsletter, and more. She is really excited about the new Think College blog!