Piloting the Program Accreditation Process

Volunteer to Pilot the Program Accreditation process

[National Coordinating Center] The National Coordinating Center's Accreditation Workgroup is currently seeking college or university programs for students with intellectual disability (ID) to pilot a program accreditation process. 

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The Importance of Program Accreditation

Program accreditation standards have been finalized.  A workgroup is working to develop an accreditation process and structure by which postsecondary education programs for students with intellectual disability can become formally accredited. Why does this matter?  Read the full article!

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What Does Accreditation Really Mean?

This blog post from Accreditation workgroup chair, Dr. Martha Mock, shares her thoughts on the ongoing and important work of the Workgroup.  She shares her thoughts on what program accreditation means for students, family members, college faculty and program staff, and what each of those groups can do NOW to get involved.  Read the full blog post. 

resources to help programs learn more about program accreditation standards

Tools to Explore the Program Accreditation Standards

Currently, there is no formal process by which college programs for students with ID can become accredited.  While that process is being created, we offer college programs for students with intellectual disability some tools that they can use to become familiar with Program Accreditation Standards. Click here to learn about and access the tools we have developed.