college-based transition services

How MA Has Been Supporting Students in the Transition to College

The Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative, or MAICEI, is a statewide inclusive dual enrollment model that has been operating in up to 15 public institutes of higher education since 2006. 

group of 6 elementary-aged kids crowded together, smiling, with blue sky in the background

It’s Never Too Early! IEP Teams and Families Can Think College for Students with Intellectual Disability

A PACER Center advocate vividly recalls the pivotal moment in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meeting she attended with the mother of a young boy with Down syndrome. As the school district administrator began to make a case for placing him in a segregated special education classroom, the parent interjected, "But we are planning for our son to attend an inclusive college program when he grows up. How will he be able to be included in college if he can’t be included in kindergarten?"

First of its kind: Special Topics Course on College-Based Transition Services

Think College and the Transition Leadership Program at the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston are excited to announce a new special topics course for transi