Upcoming Webinar on Student Employment

[Project: National Coordinating Center] Join us March 23 for Collaborating with Employers: Strategies and Tips for Supporting Students with Intellectual Disabilities on the Job, a webinar about supporting student employees with ID and their employers.

Ongoing Efforts of the Employment Partnerships Workgroup

A national collaborative workgroup focused on Employment Partnership has been formed to address the challenges with system collaboration.

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Building Employment Partnerships to Increase Paid Employment Outcomes

Inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) programs provide college students with intellectual disability (ID) access to a college education. This access should include paid employment.

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Interested in improving partnerships to support employment?

[Project: Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network] The newly formed Employment Partnerships Affinity Group is an open-access group for those who want to learn about and discuss successful system-level employment collaborations between various partners.