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There's so much going on at the State of the Art Conference

We are excited to gather in person for this energizing annual event that brings together all kinds of people from around the country to share information on inclusive higher education. 

Tips to Support Career Development at College

One of the most important outcomes of college is work: competitive, paid work. In response to a national survey done by the National Coordinating Center, six colleges responded to questions about how they create authentic work opportunities on campus and in the community for their students.

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College Options for Students with ID Expand in Portugal

In October 2020, Meg Grigal, co-PI of the Think College National Coordinating Center (NCC), received an email from Marisa Maia Machado, Researcher at the Department of Education and Psychology at University of Aveiro (UA) in Portugal. Marisa explained that she became passionate about including students with intellectual and developmental disabilitie