National Coordinating Center

Poster for July 18 & 19 Project Directors' meeting with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame theme

2022 TPSID Project Director Meeting was a Success!

[Project: National Coordinating Center] The annual TPSID Project Director meeting was held in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18 and 19 where the 2020-2025 cohort was finally able to gather in person. It was a productive and enjoyable meeting for all!

National Coordinating Center
photo of Kathleen Becht

Technical Assistance Coordinator Joins NCC

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Kathleen Becht is joining the National Coordinating Center team to coordinate all of its technical assistance and training activities.  Technical assistance is a cornerstone activity of the Think College National Coordinating Center, which has provided thousands of hours of direct technical assistance to date to TPSID model demonstration programs, other college programs for students with intellectual disability, 

photos of Martha Mock and Stephanie Smith Lee, chair and past chair of the Accreditation Workgroup

Accreditation Workgroup Established for 2021-2025

The  2021-2025 Accreditation workgroup will work with the National Coordinating Center to support the development of a program accreditation process for college programs for students with intellectual disability.