Poster for July 18 & 19 Project Directors' meeting with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame theme

2022 TPSID Project Director Meeting was a Success!

[Project: National Coordinating Center] The annual TPSID Project Director meeting was held in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18 and 19 where the 2020-2025 cohort was finally able to gather in person. It was a productive and enjoyable meeting for all!

National Coordinating Center
six students standing in front of a large university building

New College Programs Developed through TPSID Funding

The US Department of Education awarded 22 new Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability (TPSID) in October 2020. Six of those grants went to universities that would use the funds to establish new programs. 

Partying with TPSID Data

At the National Coordinating Center, we collect lots of data from TPSID projects. In this blog post, Clare Papay, Evaluation Coordinator for the National Coordinating Center, shares and reflects on ways that data collectors can communicate data-related findings back to those who report the data.