Inclusive Campus Life Affinity Group - June 2022

Topic: Supporting Quality Community Life Engagement in College

Description: Borrowing from the Institute for Community Inclusion's Community Life Engagement project at UMass Boston, colleague Jennifer Sulewski will share 4 guideposts to quality community life engagement as it would relate to the college campus. Read more in this brief on high-quality community life engagement supports.

Presenter: Jennifer Sulewski, a Research Associate, has worked at the Institute for Community Inclusion/UMass Boston for over 15 years, most recently with the Think Work! Project.

The purpose of the Inclusive Campus Life Affinity Group is to support members to:

·         Connect with each other through dialogue

·         Discover tools, resources, and practices.

·         Share information and ideas,

·         Expand inclusive campus communities to include students with ID.

This Affinity Group is designed for people who are currently involved with or interested in enabling students with ID to become full participating members of their campus communities. Affinity Group members include any college or university staff, faculty, mentors, students with ID, or researchers. The group is facilitated by Lindsay Krech, director of Campus Life and Student Supports at Vanderbilt University (


Jun 10, 2022 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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National Coordinating Center