Credential Development Discussion: Student Credentials Affinity Group

The Student Credentials Affinity group brings together professionals, researchers, advocates, policymakers and educators interested in discussing the credential landscape in postsecondary education. This is an open-access special interest group targeted at individuals who want to contribute to the discussion of “meaningful credentials” for students with intellectual disabilities. Visit the affinity group page for details of the group and topic.

November Topic: Needs & Tools in Developing a Credential
This meeting will focus on what you, in the field, see as needs and tools in developing a credential. It will include attendees sharing 1.) what you need (information, strategies, process, etc) toward the goal of creating a credential and 2.) what you are doing that works well related to credential development or what didn’t work as well (those are powerful learning opportunities for all of us).

Nov 29, 2022 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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National Coordinating Center