External Conference

Annual Conference on the First Year Experience

The Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience is designed to provide educators from every segment of higher education a comfortable, welcoming environment to share innovative ideas, programs, tools, and research critical to the learning, development, and success of first-year college students. The conference aims to promote a comprehensive and engaging community open to a diversity of ideas, in which all delegates are given the opportunity and resources to grow personally and professionally.

Council for Exceptional Children Annual meeting

At CEC 2020 the focus will be on special educators with a single goal: making a difference for children with exceptionalities. Whatever your role—general or special education teacher, district administrator, principal, teacher educator, or paraprofessional—you can drive educator and student success by attending CEC 2020.

This year, these members of the Think College team will be presenting at the convention: Meg Grigal, Maria Paiewonsky, Lori Cooney, and Debra Hart.

Florida Postsecondary Education Program Planning Institute (PEPPI) - Fall 2019

The purpose of this Institute is to increase understanding of resources available for and facilitate planning and implementation of Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Programs (FPCTP) for students with intellectual disabilities in all types of postsecondary education institutions: universities, state and community colleges, and career tech centers.