Community Support Network 2023 ‘Virtual’ Transition Institute at Westchester Institute for Human Development

This annual conference on post-secondary transition covers a range of topics relevant to transition from school to work, college, and community. This year, there is a thread called Think College!: College really is for everyone. These sessions will highlight information and promising practices for success in college for matriculating students with disabilities and inclusive higher education for students with autism and I/DD. College specific sessions are as follows:

1/25/23 9:00 am ET-  Irina Cain: Planning for College Success and Preparing for Inclusive Higher Education

1/25/23 noon - A panel of students and parents, featuring Cate Weir and moderated by Dan Habib: Think College: A possibility for Everyone

1/25/23 9:00 AM - Samantha Viscovich: Planning for College Success and Preparing for IHED

1/25/23 2:00 PM - Cate Weir: College is Possible! Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disability

1/26/23 9:00 AM - Carin Horowitz: Transition To College

1/26/23 12:00 PM - Beth and Patrick Foraker: Finding a College That Fits You - The Search for An Inclusive Post-Secondary Program

Jan 25, 2023 8:00 AM to Jan 27, 2023 12:00 PM
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