Students with Intellectual Disabilities: Establishing Inclusive Campus Initiatives that Thrive

Historically, students with intellectual disability (ID) have not been included in college level education. Over the last decade, as more institutions begin to realize that programs that serve students with ID fit in with their mission and vision, the numbers of programs offered nationwide have substantially grown. Think College, a national initiative dedicated to developing, expanding, and improving research and practice in inclusive higher education for students with ID, estimates there are dedicated programs for college students with ID on 300+ campuses across the country. The structures of these programs vary. This webinar, hosted by members of AHEAD (Association of Higher Education and Disability), brings together a panel of disability service practitioners who have experience with different types of ID-focused programs on their campuses. Some are well established, and some are still fairly new. Join the panel to hear about different ways students with ID are meaningfully included on different types of college campuses. 

Jun 29, 2023 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Sally Scott, AHEAD, moderator; Bea Awoniyi, Santa Fe College; Craig Levins, Broward College; Adam Meyer, University of Central Florida; Michelle Mitchell, Lehigh Carbon Community College
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