Supported Education: Finding the Right Support for College Success

In this session, we will discuss supported education models and highlight the benefits of providing educational support to students. We will also delineate specific roles and responsibilities that support staff fulfill, including offering encouragement, providing academic assistance, giving corrective feedback, and prompting organizational skill-building and social-skill awareness.

The webinar has the following learning objectives:
· Given an opportunity to reflect on supported education models, participants will identify examples of how they build in supported education methods into their higher education practices
· As a result of reviewing multiple examples of how higher education staff and faculty are using supported education strategies, participants will identify at least 2 new ways to incorporate strategies that align with their work

Who should attend: California Community Colleges’ Administrators, Chief Student Services Officers, Vice Presidents of Student Services, Deans for Student Services, Faculty, DSPS Coordinators and Directors, and Student Success & Equity Directors, as well as interested community partners. All are welcome.

Sep 18, 2019 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Maria Paiewonsky, Ed.D.
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