External Webinar

A Glimpse of SRV: Putting the Inclusive into Postsecondary Inclusive Education

This two-day introductory course on the basics of Social Role Valorization is designed specifically for those serving, supporting, and envisioning a full and inclusive postsecondary experience, for and with, people with disabilities. This overview event will present the idea of assisting people with disabilities and other devalued conditions to have positive social roles as a productive and helpful response to wounding life experiences and how that can be applied particularly in college and university settings.

The Academics of Parent Support for College Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Learn how to provide support to your college student in ways that strengthen the skills they will need for long-term success. Barb Ziemke, Co-Director of PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment, presents tips from a parent perspective. KU TPE Academic Advisor, Brenda Aylward, provides information about student expectations and campus resources, and shares writing assignment and test-taking strategies.