Spring 2018 Research Summit: What Works: Effective Strategies for VR Collaboration and Employment

This summit will focus on “What works: Effective strategies for VR collaboration and employment.” Researchers from Think College will present two recent studies.

Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski, Senior Research Associate, will present “Collaboration between VR and Higher Education: Lessons from Four Case Studies.” Between May and October 2017, a Think College research team conducted case studies of four higher education programs identified as having effective partnerships with VR. This presentation will cover key elements of effective VR/higher education collaboration identified in these case studies.

Daria Domin, Research Associate, and Kelly Haines, Research Associate, will present “Employment of students with intellectual disability in college and beyond.” How do college programs prepare students with intellectual disability for employment? This presentation will summarize results from focus groups conducted with employment staff at TPSID model demonstration programs, highlighting practices and challenges to obtaining paid employment.

Jun 5, 2018 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Zoom webinar
Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski, Daria Domin, and Kelly Haines