Think College Webinar

Pulling it All Together! Developing Student-centered IEP Goals Based on College and Community Experiences

Talking to professors, ordering lunch in the cafeteria, and planning to meet friends at a basketball game. Are these just fun activities that many young adults participate in, or are they the starting points for developing comprehensive, student-centered Individual Education Program (IEP) goals for transition-age youth? They're both! This webinar explores how to use diverse college and community experiences to develop measurable IEP goals and benchmarks that support student growth and success.

Best Practices in Employment Services: Key Strategies for Finding and Maintaining A Job

Looking for a job can sometimes feel overwhelming and frustrating. There are some key strategies that can make the process easier and get you a job offer faster. Research has shown that careful planning, using your networks and successful negotiation with employers can assist individuals with disabilities to find and maintain good jobs, with good pay. Join us to learn more about these techniques, hear success stories and get your questions answered.

Assessing Risk and Developing Strategies for Inclusive Postsecondary Education Programs

As Inclusive Postsecondary Education (IPSE) programs are discussed at institutions of higher education, administrators often bring concerns to the table regarding safety of the students with ID/DD. Sometimes these concerns are related to lack of knowledge of the population, but having a plan for the safety and security of students using on-campus support systems can be helpful. This session will discuss the importance of collaboration between IPSE program staff and the Risk Management Office, as well as key strategies for risk management and prevention.

Developing Partnerships for Successful Inclusive Campus Housing

The University of Missouri-St. Louis Succeed Program is in its 6th year as a post-secondary program with inclusive housing. This webinar will introduce the inclusive living component of the Succeed Program and how it was developed. An inclusive residential program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities comes with unique support needs and requires partnerships across the University.