Think College Webinar

Tips from Faculty: Engaging Students with Intellectual Disability Enrolled in College Courses

This session will focus on how faculty support students with intellectual disability enrolled in their college courses. Two professors share their experiences in supporting students with intellectual disability enrolled in college success and leadership classes and the importance of having a support system in place to aid our students inside and outside the classroom. Adjusted assignments and assessments will be discussed that support students’ development. Join us to explore the challenges and rewards involved in engaging students with intellectual disability enrolled in college courses.

Part 2 of Getting it Right AND Learning on the Fly: Prepared for College?

Picking up where they left off, Kathy Becht & Dee Sapp will discuss what they thought they knew and what they learned on the fly while preparing their sons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to go to college. Topics covered will include relationships & free time, establishing routines, creating and using a schedule, transportation, and more.

Lessons Learned from a Decade of Data

Starting in 2010, the NCC has been collecting program and student data from Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability (TPSIDs) for over 10 years. Data, like how programs are staffed and what students do, provide insight into what can help students achieve their desired outcomes of academic inclusion and employment. Join us to learn what we have discovered from a decade of data collection and evaluation.