Think College Webinar

Lessons Learned from a Decade of Data

Starting in 2010, the NCC has been collecting program and student data from Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability (TPSIDs) for over 10 years. Data, like how programs are staffed and what students do, provide insight into what can help students achieve their desired outcomes of academic inclusion and employment. Join us to learn what we have discovered from a decade of data collection and evaluation.

Where Are We Now: Program Accreditation Standards

The NCC has prepared a report to share with Congress to help establish a process to implement national program accreditation standards for college programs for students with ID. Attend this webinar to better understand accreditation standards and how it will impact the field.

This is the second session in the 4-part series “Get to know the Think College National Coordinating Center."

Tools to Help Manage Daily Life for College Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Heading off to college brings excitement as well as new challenges for students and their families. In this webinar PACER's Simon Technology Center specialists will discuss tools to support students with intellectual disabilities as they learn to navigate the college campus and college life. Demonstrations will include mobile apps to help students manage their time, schedule, money, and social connections.

The College Application Process: It Takes a Village

Your child has decided to apply for college… what’s next? As exciting as it is, there is a lot that goes into assembling the necessary materials for the college application: references from employers, friends, teachers, and more; photos; letters of support from those your child’s network; academic records; and more. Additionally, items needed for the application package may vary greatly for higher education programs for students with ID. Based on one family’s experience, and with input and support from many others, Angie Kniery shares some advice on how to get started and stay on track.