Exploring Inclusive College Opportunities for Your Child with Intellectual Disability

The college search process can be grueling. It is an emotional time, when your student is ready to exit high school and try something new. IN addition to all the considerations necessary for anyone to prepare for college, families of children with ID have a whole list of OTHER things to keep in mind when preparing for college: what supports will be available? How will we pay for it? How inclusive is the program? What will this experience prepare my child for? Join these two parents who are ready to share what they learned from their college search experience in an effort to make your experience better & more productive for your whole family.

Participants will: learn where to start in college planning by exploring inclusive college options for their student; what students need to go to college and what supports might be offered at college (including supported living, academic supports, peer and/or paid supports); and setting goals for what to expect from college.

Dec 5, 2018 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Angela Kniery and Beth Foraker
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