Put Yourself on the (Campus) Map: Marketing Your Program On Campus

When it comes to helping students with disabilities find jobs, we often talk about how to market to employers. But when talking about inclusive PSE programs for students on college campuses, we often forget about the marketing right at home – on our own campuses. If the goal is for your students to be included in all parts of campus life, then all parts of the campus need to know about you. They need to know who you are and why your program is on campus – and you need to control that message. Just like you go out to businesses to sell yourself and your talented students, you need to market yourself to campus entities. Learn ways to do this so you can open up a variety of opportunities for your students, including academic experiences, on-campus internships, special projects, job shadowing experiences, campus activities, and more. Another positive outcome of on-campus marketing is your exposure to existing student supports. We tend to create our own special supports for our students, but once you are exposed to the existing support structure on campus – and they are exposed to you and your students – together you can figure out how to access what is already in place for ALL students.

This webinar will give examples and strategies for how to effectively communicate your message on-campus, how you can positively affect the campus community, and what your program can offer to the campus so everyone recognizes the invaluable contribution your program and the students make to the entire campus community.

Jan 18, 2018 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Zoom webinar
Amy Dwyre D'Agati
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