Think College Webinar

What, wait! You Want Me to Talk about Sexuality? Healthy Relationship Boundaries are Important for Everyone

We are seeing more and more examples in our culture of those who have crossed lines. Even though people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are sexual beings, just like everyone, they also need the information and skills to navigate these waters and learn what's okay and not okay in various settings. This webinar will explore tips and tools for addressing sexuality one-on-one with the individuals you work with.

Money on The Table: Sharing Program Income with Vocational Rehabilitation through Ticket to Work and Partnership Plus

With program sustainability a primary concern of Inclusive Higher Education program, this webinar introduces the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work and related Partnership Plus model. Through Partnership Plus, Inclusive Higher Education programs can share in financial reimbursements to vocational rehabilitation (VR) as students on SSDI and SSI achieve and sustain substantial gainful employment.

Creating Inclusive (Campus) Communities Begins in the Classroom

These presenters from Millersville University will share how they have encouraged and educated professors and faculty to include ALL students in their classes. This philosophy of inclusion begins in the classroom and extends throughout the campus and into the community.

Attendees can expect to learn the important role of faculty in fostering inclusion; strategies for faculty to use in the classroom; how to build capacity of students through meaningful relationships; and how to measure progress in and out of the classroom.

Exploring Inclusive College Opportunities for Your Child with Intellectual Disability

The college search process can be grueling. It is an emotional time, when your student is ready to exit high school and try something new. IN addition to all the considerations necessary for anyone to prepare for college, families of children with ID have a whole list of OTHER things to keep in mind when preparing for college: what supports will be available? How will we pay for it? How inclusive is the program? What will this experience prepare my child for?