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Impact U

Impact U
Concordia College NY
Impact U
171 White Plains Rd
Bronxville, NY 10708
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Program Contact Eleanor Evangelista
Phone 914-337-9300, extension 2172

<p>Impact U is a residential program preparing students for independence, relationships, and employability&nbsp;while increasing their self esteem and personal goals. Students will graduate in two years with a Certificate of Applied Learning, a variety of learning experiences,&nbsp;and a resume of work internships. Initially scaled for a class of up to twelve, the program will focus on 18 to 26 year old students with a range of developmental disabilities including autism and intellectual disability. With person-centered planning and support, students will live in integrated residence halls&nbsp;and participate fully in campus life, while attending community classes, for audit,&nbsp;designed to expand general knowledge and promote the growth of thinking and problem solving skills. Students will gain work experience through on- and off-campus internships , participate in campus service projects, and have the opportunity to participate is all that is college life!!</p>

Public or private: Private
Type of school: 4-year college or university
Is this program a federally funded TPSID program? No
Students in this program:
  • Have graduated or exited from high school
  • Are still enrolled in high school
Number of students: 13
This program will be serving students in: 2018-2019
School district or agency partner: White Plains NY
Contact person: Deborah Augarten
Deadline to apply to this program: june 1st
Requirements for admission to this program:
  • Other diploma (e.g., IEP diploma, certificate of attendance)
  • 18-26
Accepts out-of-state students?: Yes
Please indicate which disabilities students in this program have:
  • Intellectual disability
  • Autism
Program length: 2 years
Acceptance, Retention, and Completion Rates
Percent of students applying who are admitted: 42%
Retention rate: 100%
Cost of the program:

total fees for the program including room, board, community class fees, self hired stafffing assitance is approximately $35000 per semester/$70000 per academic year

Is this program able to provide federal financial aid as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP)? We are not a CTP, and have no plans to become one.
Students pay for the program in the following ways:
  • Private pay (student and family)
  • Scholarships
  • Adult intellectual/developmental disability state agency funds
  • Local School District funds
  • Grant Funding
  • Medicaid Waiver or Day Habilitation funds
  • Self Directed Funds via OPWDD 

Scholarships available:

<p>Students are invited to apply for local foundation awards or awards from organizations of their choosing. We also allow for donations to be made directly to the program in the name of a specific student.&nbsp;</p>

Students take these types of "typical" courses (with students who don't have disabilities): Typical college courses for audit
More about course access:

<p>Students register and attend classes as their typical peers do.&nbsp; Classes are for audit and aides can attend if needed.</p>

Students take courses that are only for students in this program: Yes
Information on special classes:

<p>Open to the entire campus, as we are a diverse student body with many international students, Impact U students complete group meetings for&nbsp;&nbsp;the program to attain several outcomes critical to employability and independent living. These include social and emotional growth; an enhanced ability to problem-solve, self-advocate and make decisions.</p>

Time spent only with other students in this program: Less than 25% of the time
Credential(s) students earn upon completing the program: Certificate of Applied Learning
The credential(s) is/are:
  • Awarded by program, not officially recognized by Institute of Higher Education
  • Open to all students at Institute of Higher Education
Percent of students in this program have paid work while attending the program: 30%
Other career development activities are:
  • Internships
  • Volunteer work
  • Community Service
Housing is provided to students: Yes
Housing options available:
  • Inclusive on campus
Students participate in student organizations on campus: Yes
Proportion of time spent only with other students in this program: 25%
Students have participated in these social/extracurricular activities and organizations:

<p>Clubs, Choral groups, Sports, Holiday Musical participation, trips both within and outside of NY, volunteering as a group at nursing homes, homeless shelters, orientation events, weekly activities which vary on campus including Game nights, Ice Cream nights.</p>

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