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Leadership and Integrative Studies

Leadership and Integrative Studies
Lock Haven University
Leadership and Integrative Studies
401 N. Fairview Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Program Contact Dr. Erica R. Moore
Phone 570-484-2430
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Leadership and Integrative Studies is a 4-year non-degree certificate offering a fully-inclusive, tailored course of study based upon personal abilities, talents, and individual career interests in order to lead to competitive employment.

Program information submitted: March 20, 2021

Public or private: Public
Type of school: 4-year college or university
Is this program a federally funded TPSID program? Yes
Students in this program: Have graduated or exited from high school
This program will be serving students in: 2021-2022
Criteria for admission
  • Age range: 18-25
Accepts out-of-state students?: Yes
Please indicate which disabilities students in this program have:
  • Intellectual disability
Program length: 4 years
Average student tuition and fees for the current school year $10264.00
Average out-of-state tuition, current year $20088.00
Program fees: $5200.00
Is this program able to provide federal financial aid as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP)? Pending (we have applied to become a CTP but have not yet been approved)
Students pay for the program in the following ways:
  • Private pay (student and family)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Funds
  • Adult intellectual/developmental disability state agency funds
  • Medicaid Waiver or Day Habilitation funds
Students take these types of "typical" courses (with students who don't have disabilities): Typical college courses for audit
More about course access: Students enrolled in Leadership and Integrative Studies have access to all designated majors and minor course offerings on campus.
Are students in this program able to access support services through your IHE disability services office? Yes
Percentage of academic time spent only with other students in this program: None of the time
Is the credential IHE-approved? Yes, this credential has been through a formal approval process at the IHE
Other career development activities are:
  • Internships
  • Volunteer work
  • Work Study
Housing is provided to students: Yes
Housing options available:
  • Inclusive on campus
Students participate in student organizations on campus: Yes
Proportion of social time spent only with other students in this program: None of the time
Students have participated in these social/extracurricular activities and organizations: Students have access to join all student clubs, activities, and organizations on campus.