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National Louis University
122 S. Michigan Avenue
Suite 3013
Chicago, IL 60603
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Program Contact Mallory Pratt
Phone 312.261.3770

P.A.C.E. at NLU is a three-year post-secondary program which is designed to meet the transitional needs for young adults (aged 18-28) with multiple intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities. P.A.C.E. is one of the leading residential-based programs in the country that integrates employment preparation, independent living skills coaching, functional academic courses and social development into a curriculum that prepares students for independent living through experiential learning.

Public or private: Private
Type of school: 4-year college or university
Is this program a federally funded TPSID program? No
Students in this program: Have graduated or exited from high school
Number of students: 30
Description of our summer transition program:

P.A.C.E. at NLU is offering a summer experience program for students who are interested in learning about or attending P.A.C.E. at NLU in the future. P.A.C.E. is a three-year post-secondary program designed to meet the transitional needs for young adults with multiple intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities.

Experience a sample of P.A.C.E.’s four main components:

Sampling of P.A.C.E. classes will be taught:
•Goal setting • Computer Tech
•Social Skills • Money Management

Social Development
• Students will sit in on a mock activity planning event
• Students will attend an event in the community

• Sampling of P.A.C.E. employment opportunities
• Visit to 1-2 internship sites in the Chicago area
• Panel discussion with current P.A.C.E. students centered on their internships

Independent Living Life Skills
• Tour of dorm and surrounding neighborhood
• Demonstration from P.A.C.E.students on how to perform routine life skills

Deadline to apply to this program: May 1, 2018
Requirements for admission to this program:
  • Other diploma (e.g., IEP diploma, certificate of attendance)
  • 18-28
Please indicate which disabilities students in this program have:
  • Intellectual disability
  • Autism
  • Our program is designed to meet the transitional needs for young adults with multiple intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities
Program length: 3 years
Acceptance, Retention, and Completion Rates
Percent of students applying who are admitted: 75%
Retention rate: 83%
Tuition amount: $26,400.00
Room and board: $16,600.00
Program specific fees: $0.00
Additional costs: $85.00

Weekly budget for laundry, emergency money, savings, cleaning supplies, etc.

Is this program able to provide federal financial aid as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP)? Yes
Students pay for the program in the following ways:
  • Private pay (student and family)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Funds
  • Scholarships
  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Grant Funding
Students take these types of "typical" courses (with students who don't have disabilities): Students do not take typical college courses
Students take courses that are only for students in this program: Yes
Information on special classes:

P.A.C.E. students attend classes two days a week in an undergraduate university environment. Teaching and learning in a formal classroom are designed to present content and promote critical thinking skills in a structured environment.  With guidance from P.A.C.E. instructors, students apply the concepts learned in the classroom to their personal situations, relationships, and routines outside of the classroom.  P.A.C.E. classes serve as a space where students can discuss, role-play, and reflect upon their life-experiences, and practice their skills in new concepts. Problem-solving instruction across all areas of the program, facilitates P.A.C.E. students in becoming successful and independent problem-solvers in all aspects of their lives.

Time spent only with other students in this program: Less than 25% of the time
Credential(s) students earn upon completing the program: Certificate of Completion
The credential(s) is/are: Just for students in this program
Percent of students in this program have paid work while attending the program: 80%
Other career development activities are:
  • Internships
  • Volunteer work
Percent of students in this program that had paid work after exiting the program: 74%
We offer the following specialized credentials:

Students particiapte in employment experience hours and in electives course which provide them the education and hands on training in areas such as:

Child Care

Elder Care

Food Service


Health Care

Retail Operations

Animal Care

Housing is provided to students: Yes
Housing options available:
  • Inclusive off campus
Students participate in student organizations on campus: Yes
Proportion of time spent only with other students in this program: More than 75%
Students have participated in these social/extracurricular activities and organizations:

Nightly Clubs
Best Buddies
Weekly community wide social activities

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