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Trailblazer Program

Trailblazer Program
University of Nebraska Omaha
Trailblazer Program
Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center
6400 University Drive
Omaha, NE 68182
Program Contact Rachel Ray
Phone 402-559-3673

The Munroe-Meyer Institute – University of Nebraska Omaha (MMI-UNO) Trailblazers Program is a two-year, undergraduate, non-degree program for young adults with a documented intellectual or developmental disability. The program allows for Trailblazer students to participate in the same learning environments available to same-age peers in an academic, vocational, and social inclusion-focused program at the University of Nebraska Omaha. The MMI-UNO Trailblazers program serves students with intellectual and/or other developmental disabilities ages 18-26 who have graduated from their high school and/or exited transition services. Beyond the academic coursework, the broader curriculum for students in the MMI-UNO Trailblazers program also includes experiences designed to support their goals for integrated social experiences, employment skills, and adult living opportunities and experiences.

Public or private: Public
Type of school: 4-year college or university
Is this program a federally funded TPSID program? No
Students in this program: Have graduated or exited from high school
Number of students: 8
Requirements for admission to this program:
  • Other diploma (e.g., IEP diploma, certificate of attendance)
  • 18-26
  • Exited secondary school and not able to access college by meeting typical entrance criteria, but are interested in continuing to develop academic, employment, and adult living skills.
Accepts out-of-state students?: Yes
Please indicate which disabilities students in this program have:
  • Intellectual disability
Program length: 2 years
Tuition amount: $0.00
Program specific fees: $5,000.00
Is this program able to provide federal financial aid as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP)? No
Students pay for the program in the following ways:
  • Private pay (student and family)
  • Scholarships
Students take these types of "typical" courses (with students who don't have disabilities):
  • Typical college courses for credit
  • Typical college courses for audit
More about course access:

The UNO undergraduate course catalog used by all UNO students serves as the source for curriculum planning for all MMI-UNO Trailblazer participants. Students in the MMI-UNO Trailblazer program enroll in minimum of 6 credit hours per semester of UNO courses as they work toward completion of the 2-year MMI-UNO Trailblazer Program Certificate. Upon completion of the certificate, students will have completed at least 24 credit hours of coursework. The MMI-UNO Program Certificate includes completion of US 1010, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for the Modern Day Student (a recommended class for first-semester UNO students) and three to four courses that fulfill their career interests as identified in the person-centered advisement plan.

Students take courses that are only for students in this program: Yes
Information on special classes:

Included in the required coursework are internships that are fulfilled during each of the last two semesters of the program. These internships are customized for each student and are based on his/her interests, may be on or off campus, paid or non-paid and are designed to help students refine their career goals and learn employment skills needed to obtain and sustain competitive integrated employment.

Time spent only with other students in this program: None of the time
Credential(s) students earn upon completing the program: MMI-UNO Trailblazer Program Certificate
The credential(s) is/are:
  • Awarded by program, not officially recognized by Institute of Higher Education
  • Just for students in this program
Percent of students in this program have paid work while attending the program: 70%
Other career development activities are:
  • Internships
  • Volunteer work
  • Community Service
Housing is provided to students: No
Students participate in student organizations on campus: Yes
Proportion of time spent only with other students in this program: None of the time
Students have participated in these social/extracurricular activities and organizations:

Students can join any club or activity that UNO has to offer (e.g., Health and Kinesiology Center, Student Union Events, Performances).

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