National Coordinating Center Team Members

Meet the Think College National Coordinating Center (NCC) Team!

The NCC is housed at the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston, a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Our staff, consultants, and partners have years of experience in research, technical assistance, and training, as well as program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Principal Investigators

Meg Grigal

Meg Grigal, PhD

Principal Investigator

Debra Hart

Debra Hart, MS

Co-Principal Investigator


Project Administration

Cate Weir

Cate Weir, MEd

Project Coordinator

photo of Odgerel (Oge) Dashzeveg

Odgerel (Oge) Dashzeveg

Program Assistant


Evaluation Team

Clare Papay

Clare Papay, PhD

Senior Research Associate/Project Manager

Pam McFarland

Pam McFarland

Database Manager

Belkis Choiseul-Praslin

Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, PhD

Research Associate II

Caitlyn Bukaty

Caitlyn A. Bukaty, PhD

Senior Research Associate


Knowledge Translation and Dissemination Team

Rebecca Lazo

Rebecca Lazo

Knowledge Translation Manager

Sheila Johnson

Sheila Johnson, MA

Knowledge Translation Associate

Photo of Arin Rook

Arin Rook

Knowledge Translation Associate

Photo of Sara Pound

Sara Pound

Knowledge Translation Associate


Technical Assistance and Training Team

Kathleen Becht

Kathleen Becht, PhD

Technical Assistance Coordinator

Maria Paiewonsky

Maria Paiewonsky, EdD

Technical Assistance Provider

Lori Cooney

Lori Cooney, MEd

Technical Assistance Provider

Russ Thelin

Russell Thelin, MS, LVRC CRC

Technical Assistance Provider

Shelby Bates

Shelby Bates, LSW

Technical Assistance Specialist


Technical Assistance Consultants

Kelley Kelly

Kelly Kelley

Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

Kelly directs a successful program for students with ID at Western Carolina University and is a member of the special education faculty there. In her role with the NCC, Kelly provides technical assistance related to program development and operations.

Neil McNeil

Neil McNeil

Senior Program and Policy Specialist

Neil McNeil is a senior program and policy specialist for the ICI. Since 2010, he has provided technical assistance, consultation, and training to state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies in New England and in several states across the country. Prior to joining the ICI, Neil spent his professional career at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission as a VR counselor, supervisor, and administrator.

Brian Freedman

Brian Freedman, PhD

Unit Director, University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies

Dr. Freedman leads postsecondary transition programs at the UD Center for Disabilities Studies. In his role with the NCC, he provides technical assistance on all aspects of program development.

Julie Lackey

Julie Lackey

Executive Director, LeadLearnLive

Ms. Lackey is the Founder and Executive Director of LeadLearnLive and the parent of a student with intellectual/developmental disabilities. She offers technical assistance to families and professionals on grassroots organizing for program development.

Lisa Pluff

Lisa Pluff, MA

Director, Office of Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary Education, UNC Greensboro

Lisa’s experience includes over 20 years in postsecondary education for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and non-profit and program management. She serves as the Program Director for UNCG's CTP program.



External Project Evaluation

Teresa Grossi

Teresa Grossi, PhD

External Evaluator

Teresa has extensive background in secondary transition and employment for individuals with disabilities and evaluates the activities of the NCC in her role as external evaluator.


Think College National Coordinating Center Partners

Denise Rozell

Association of University Centers on Disabilities

Denise Rozell, Senior Policy Strategist

The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) is a network of interdisciplinary centers advancing policy and practice for and with individuals with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and communities. Denise Rozell is the Policy Strategist at AUCD, working primarily on post-secondary education, employment and independent living and is the lead staff person for the NCC/AUCD partnership. Denise has twenty-five years of experience in disability policy at the federal and state level. In her role with the NCC, Denise provides technical assistance and support around public policy development in the area of postsecondary education for students with ID.

Stephan Smith

Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)

Stephan Smith, Executive Director

AHEAD is the leading professional membership association for individuals committed to equity for persons with disabilities in higher education. Stephan Smith, the Executive Director of AHEAD, is the primary contact for the AHEAD/NCC parternship.  In addition to serving as the chief staff officer at AHEAD, Stephan has taken on increasingly complex roles in local, state, and national arenas advocating for the total and equitable inclusion of people with disabilities in higher education and the workplace.  He also serves on numerous national and international advisory boards and executive councils related to people with disabilities, education, employment, transition, social justice, and civil equity.