Transition Leadership Program

Transition Leadership: A personnel preparation program for transition specialists


Project Description

The Transition Leadership program prepares candidates at the master’s level and certificate level for the job of transition specialist. For candidates in Massachusetts, the program is a MA DESE-approved course of study that prepares them for the MA Transition Specialist Endorsement.

The program is fully online, is designed in a cohort model, and can be completed in 4 semesters. The program also includes a practicum that can be completed in a scholar’s school, and each scholar is assigned a field supervisor and state or national mentor, depending on the scholar’s professional goals.


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Two federal grants support the program. One grant has a no-cost extension through September 2018; the other is 2016–2021.


Funded by

Office of Special Education Programs


Principal Investigator

Maria Paiewonsky, EdD



Nancy Hurley
Adjunct staff


Maria Paiewonsky, Program Director



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