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Credential Guidance Brief Series (Florida)

Credential Guidance Brief Series (Florida)

The Florida Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education developed the IPSE Credential Guidance Brief Series as a set of six stand-alone briefs to guide inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) faculty, program staff, and secondary educators in the development of an IPSE credential and the supporting program of study. Families and students should find the first four briefs the most informative regarding what to look for in an IPSE credential and the program of study when exploring colleges. Titles of briefs in the series: 1. Background on Inclusive Postsecondary Education 2. Programs of Study 3. Exploring Existing Credentials 4. Partnerships Toward Credential Development 5. FCIHE Credential Action Planning Tool (FCAPT) 6. Credentialing Resources For more information or technical assistance related to these resources, email

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Roberts-Dahm, L. D., Becht, K., Giarrusso, D., DuPoint, C., Andrews, D., & Glavey-Labedz, E.M. (2019). Florida inclusive postsecondary education credential guidance brief series. Florida Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education.

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