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Building an Inclusive Postsecondary Model of Services

Building an Inclusive Postsecondary Model of Services

Bridgewater State University's EXCEL Program has made great strides in creating and maintaining inclusive postsecondary education experiences for students with IDD. This brief focuses on the work EXCEL program staff have accomplished by building an inclusive model, department by department, on their campus.

Utilizing the Think College Standards for Inclusive Higher Education, program staff focused on inclusion to drive their programmatic decisions. Their strategies include envisioning full inclusion, opportunities to communicate program goals and find allies, offering expertise to the campus community, and taking advantage of networking opportunities. Through these sustained efforts, students enjoy a comprehensive and inclusive college experience and are well positioned to achieve competitive integrated employment.

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Raeke, T., Paiewonsky, M. & Shahrzad, S. (2020). Building an Inclusive Postsecondary Model of Services. Think College Insight Brief, Issue No. 47. Boston, MA: University of Massachusetts Boston, Institute for Community Inclusion.

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