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Faculty Guidebook: Supporting Faculty Teaching Inclusive Classes

Faculty Guidebook: Supporting Faculty Teaching Inclusive Classes

As an expanding inclusive higher education program, the Ready for Life Academy (RFLA) at Calvin University has access to more courses and professors than ever before. This has posed new challenges for supporting and communicating with faculty. During the 2021-2022 academic year, the RFLA piloted new strategies for supporting faculty as they learn about inclusive higher education and the RFLA. Here we share resources they have developed to support professors and disability service staff as students with intellectual disability enroll in more inclusive courses. 

Professor Guide Book: Provides a program overview for professors, including staff contact information, outline of meaningful participation, information on academic course plans, student expectations, grading, peer partners, support for faculty, and frequently asked questions.

Accommodations Confidential Memo: A form to provide to course instructors on the accommodations a student may receive. Includes a checklist of possible accommodations.

Academic Course Plan: A template to use for each course to outline goals, assignment modifications, and meaningful participation.

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