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AHEAD 2019 conference presentation handouts

AHEAD 2019 conference presentation handouts

These are the two conference presentations from the AHEAD conference in July 2019 in Boston, MA.

Increasing Diversity: Including Students with Intellectual Disability in Higher Education by Dr. Clare Papay and Cate Weir. The presentation covers the current landscape of higher education for students with intellectual disabilities (ID). Strategies for establishing and/or improving college access for students with ID will be shared, with a focus on the most effective engagement of disability services offices and approaches to successful collaboration.

Faculty Perspectices in Inclusive Courses: Findings and Recommendations from a Qualitative Study by Dr. Allison Taylor and Daria Domin. This presentation shared the highlights of a qualitative study of faculty perspectives on inclusive courses in higher education on topics such as recruitment, orientation, faculty support, and student assignments & assessments. 

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