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Intentional Inclusion: Cultivating Circles of Support webinar

Intentional Inclusion: Cultivating Circles of Support webinar

Who among us doesn’t have a tribe, or a village, or a network of friends and family that supports us? In good times and challenging ones, we use circles of support to help us out. The same goes for people with disabilities, only they are sometimes even more intentional in seeking out just the right people to be part of the Circle. In this webinar recording from March, 2020 a parent (Janice) and sibling (Emma) talk about how they have used Circles of Support with their son and brother, and how it’s also a model that has been used in schools and communities around the country. Emma has also had great success using Circles of Support with her elementary school students.

These websites are all mentioned in the webinar, and are related specifically to work the Fialka-Feldman family does:

Micah Fialka-Feldman: Through the Same Door shares details of Micah's experiences throughout his life and includes numerous articles and resources.

Dance of Partnership is Janice Fialka's website where you can find a bibliography of her publications and those of her family, details on speaking engagements, and many resources. 

There is a Facebook page called What Matters: Reflections on Disability, Community and Love, where you can participate in casual discussion about inclusion, circles of support, and more. The title comes from a book that the family wrote. 

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