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Georgia HB 185: Amendment Related to HOPE Scholarships and Grants

Georgia HB 185: Amendment Related to HOPE Scholarships and Grants

This bill, introduced in 2023, amends Part 7 of Article 7 of Chapter 3 of Title 20 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, giving Inclusive Postsecondary Education (IPSE) programs access to the HOPE scholarships and grants.

A new paragraph will be added defining ‘HOPE IPSE grant’ and additional requirements and definitions will follow.Student eligibility for the IPSE Hope grant is based on: residency requirements and enrollment standards in authorized IPSE program at a qualified postsecondary institution. Amount subject to appropriations made by the General Assembly and provisions related to the Lottery for Education account.

Authorized IPSE programs should: serve students with intellectual disabilities, require 50 percent or more of courses are in inclusive classes, provide individual supports and services for academic and social inclusion, integrate person centered planning, partner with local education agencies to support students with intellectual disabilities and may still be eligible for services under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, create meaningful credentials, and participate with the Georgia Student Finance Commission, the University System of Georgia, the Technical system of Georgia, and the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities in evaluation of the authorized IPSE program.

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