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Minnesota HF 1972

Minnesota HF 1972

This bill has been proposed as of March 2021 but has not passed.


A bill for an act relating to higher education; appropriating money to the Office of Higher Education for a competitive grant to an organization providing vocational and life skills training to young adults with learning differences; requiring a report.


This legislation appropriates $1,500,000 in FY 2022 and in FY 2023 to fund a grant to establish a postsecondary education program for individuals with learning differences and autism spectrum disorder. The educational institution/organization that receives the grant must ensure that the postsecondary education program they create delivers the following to students:

· Vocational and life skills training

· A residential campus experience

· Post-graduate career and community support


The grant authorized by the legislation must be used to fund need-based scholarships and tuition reduction for students. The institution/organization that administers the program must submit an annual report to the state government that covers student outcomes, the number of students who are enrolled in the program, and how the program helps address their tuition costs and financial needs with regard to higher education.

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