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North Dakota Senate Bill 2269

North Dakota Senate Bill 2269

AN ACT to create and enact a new section chapter 15.132 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to a postsecondary transitional grant program.

Signed by Governor: April 20, 2021

This legislation establishes that school district payments (integrated formula payments) will be made to postsecondary transitional programs for students who are on IEPs.

The state Superintendent of Public Instruction is responsible for reviewing and approving postsecondary transitional programs, and implementing this legislation by administering the payments. 

  • The payments will be administered using information about students submitted by postsecondary transitional programs in North Dakota, which must be sent by June 30 annually.
  • TPSID in North Dakota will be able to use these payments to cover program fees for students, making the programs more affordable.
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