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Oklahoma HB 2718: Promise Inclusive Act and Creation of Program

Oklahoma HB 2718: Promise Inclusive Act and Creation of Program

Introduced in 2023, a portion of this legislation relates to the modification Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Trust Fund, directing the use of the Funds to enact the Oklahoma’s Promise Inclusive Act, and creating the Oklahoma’s Promise Inclusive Program along with the policies and purposes of the program.

A new section of law, known as the Oklahoma’s Promise Inclusive Act, would provide an award to eligible students who are pursuing education in the state of Oklahoma at Comprehensive Transition Program. Eligibility is determined within the legislation. Eligible applicants must be a resident of the state, a United States citizen or lawfully present in the United States, has a record satisfactory compliance, has graduated within six years, has completed the curricular requirements for admissions to the institution, has secured admission or is currently enrolled, and has established financial need, Continued eligibility requires student to maintain good academic standing, satisfactory academic progress, comply with the standards related to maintenance of eligibility, and refrain from conduct that results in expulsion or suspension of more than one semester.

Benefits would be awarded without limitations on the number of awards in a year, other than the amount of funds available and number of applicants. If funds are not available for all eligible applicants the State Regents would make awards based on needs. Students who previously received awards under the act and continue to fulfill the requirements will be given priority over first-time applicants.

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