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State Legislation Related to Inclusive Postsecondary Education

State Legislation Related to Inclusive Postsecondary Education

In partnership with AUCD, Think College maintains a list of state legislation related to inclusive postsecondary education. The Full IPSE Legislation chart includes all proposed bills from 2015-2023, including the bills that had funding attached, those that were passed but did not involve funding, and those that did not pass. The State Funding chart is a shorter version only reflecting legislation that secured funding for inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE). Both documents were updated in August 2023, at the conclusion of most legislative sessions.

These resources highlight three types of funding for IPSE:

  • Program Funding: Refers to funding that can be used for program purposes (ex: establish new program, expand programs)

  • Student Funding: Refers to new state funding that is intended for students with intellectual disability (ID) to use to help offset the cost of college (ex: scholarship, grant)

  • Expands Access to Funding: Refers to legislation that opened access for students with ID to use funds already available to other college students in the state; no direct appropriations or new money was approved as part of the legislation.

A downloadable US map also shows each state where legislation has been introduced and/or passed, and the primary purpose of any passed legislation.

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