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Delaware Disability Hub website

Delaware Disability Hub website

The Governor's Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens, a small state agency, recently launched the Delaware Disability Hub transition website, This transition website for people with disabilities in the state and across the nation helps youth, young adults, parents, caregivers, counselors, school administrators, caseworkers, educators and healthcare providers assist students with disabilities going through the transition process for youth and young adults ages 14 to 30. The teen years can be difficult for the average youth, and when a disability is part of the mix, life scenarios change. Special consideration must be given to education, employment, housing, transportation, healthcare, legal issues, community involvement and much more. The website offers many resources to help disabled youth as they grow into adults.

Delaware Disability Hub incorporates enlarged text, a text-to-voice reader option with a built-in instruction guide, and an internal search engine to make the website easier to navigate. This transition website also includes a section for parents.

The planning categories covered on the website are education, employment, housing, transportation health, legal issues, It's My Life, and Understanding My Disability. Under those topics are toolkits filled with resources linking users to federal and state agencies, nonprofit organizations, vendors that assist people with disabilities, and a lot of helpful information. Each category also has videos on related topics.

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