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Supporting the Transition to College: Modules for Transition Professionals and Program Staff

Supporting the Transition to College: Modules for Transition Professionals and Program Staff

One way to help students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) succeed in their college and career endeavors is to provide training and support to secondary staff working with transition-aged students and professionals providing services in college. Think College, in collaboration with the Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities, created two self-paced learning modules for these groups. Numerous resources have been included throughout each module.

Module 1: Secondary Student and Parent Preparation for Inclusive Higher Education (Awareness and Practices in K12)
This module addresses practices in K-12 that will better prepare secondary students and parents for inclusive higher education. It provides training in 4 core areas: promoting college as an option, helping students develop foundational and self-determination skills, supporting families to establish early expectations, and preparing students to pursue a work-oriented course of study in college.

Module 2: Facilitating Access to Supports for Student Success in College for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. A primer for college-based professionals
To succeed in college, students with IDD may need support to access the full array of resources available to all students, as well as some supports that are customized for their specific needs (e.g., mentoring, coaching, specific accommodations and/or modifications). An array of these supports will be described in this module. The module also covers tips on supporting program personnel and students to learn about academic and campus supports, orienting campus centers and support services to program/student needs, and fading student support.

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