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You Can be Brave: Breaking the Barriers to Inclusion

You Can be Brave: Breaking the Barriers to Inclusion

Welcome to "You Can be BRAVE" where Brave stands for Bold and Relentless Action towards a Vision of Equity for people who have (dis)ABILITIES.

“You Can Be BRAVE: Breaking Barriers to Inclusion” is a feature documentary that takes you on the journey of one mother who is boldly breaking the barriers to (dis)ABILITY inclusion. This film documents 15+ years of rejection, exclusion, resilience, persistence, and advocacy for her son, who has an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and sensory processing disorder. You will laugh, cry, ponder, and reflect on what it means to have a disability in our society today. This film will inspire you to think and act differently.

This film was designed to show audiences who do not have anyone with I/DD in their families or inner circle just how difficult it is for a parent to constantly have to try to change society's perception of a child who has IDD and to convince them to be inclusive, and to encourage each person to get to know someone with IDD so that each person in society can make inclusive actions. Additionally, the film shows how an inclusive high school experience can help prepare a student with I/DD for college, and help others around them learn how to include someone with IDD-- and simply promote the idea that it's good to imagine what is possible for your student with I/DD, and that can include college!

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