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Think College Transition: Developing Effective College-Based Transition Services webinar

Think College Transition: Developing Effective College-Based Transition Services webinar

In this webinar, staff from the Think College Transition project share information and new resources that resulted from a 4-year collaborative project with three inclusive dual enrollment partnerships. Topics will include recommendations for individualizing transition services, developing formal college-school agreements, communicating college-based transition services to campus and school stakeholders, promoting professional-parent partnerships, hiring and training dual enrollment staff, facilitating effective and relevant professional development and integrating ongoing evaluation activities to sustain the model.

Note that numerous Think College Transition publications are referenced throughout the webinar. Complete names and links to those publications can be found here:

Slide 7 - What Does a Dual Enrollment Schedule Look Like?

Slide 12 - Establishing Inclusive Postsecondary Education Opportunities: Tips for Effective Communication

Slide 17 - Sample Memorandum of Agreement from Westfield State University

Slide 20 - Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment: Shifting from State Funds to IDEA Funds

Slide 22 - Grab and Go Practices

Slide 28 - Inclusive Advising: Strategies to Facilitate Academic Advising for Dually Enrolled Students with Intellectual Disability

Slide 30 - Think College Standards, Quality Indicators, and Benchmarks for Inclusive Higher Education

Slide 31 - Put Yourself on the Map: Inclusive Research With and By College Students with Intellectual Disability/Autism

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