Student Corner

Welcome to This is a great place to start learning more about going to college. Below are some resources to help get you started. 

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Getting help along the way

Mentor sitting at a table with his mentee

Working with a coach or mentor

College can be a lot to manage. But don’t worry, there are people who will help you along the way. Watch this video to learn about mentors and coaches.

On the pathway!

Group of students from still of video "is college possible"

Intellectual Disability and College? It Is Possible!

In this short video, students from Colorado talk about being enrolled in a college program and how different college life is from high school.

Student Spotlight


10 questions with a college student

Every month, we interview a student about college. Click on this link to see the list of the Student Spotlight interviews. 


What is Intelligence?

Micah (student) walking to class

Award-winning film explores intelligence in depth

The movie Intelligent Lives explores how people think about intelligence and features three young adults (Micah, Naieer, and Naomie), showing them in their schools, communities, families, and at work.


You Can Go to College

Student Liz sitting on campus

Hear from students at Vanderbilt University

Students at Next Steps at Vanderbilt talk about what it’s like to be in college. They learn new things in classes, make new friends, become more independent, and have work internships. Hear what it means to them to be included on campus.

Spread the Word

Matilda, a student

Interviews with 5 Students

In this video, 5 students with ID talk about what college means for them. Think College uses it to spread the message that all students with disabilities can go to college. Share it with your teachers, family, and friends!


Planning for College

Boy looking up with the word "college" written in the sky

This website will help you get ready for college

The Going to College website contains information about living college life with a disability. It’s designed for high school students and provides video clips, activities, and additional resources that can help you get a head start in planning for college. The video clips offer a way for you to hear firsthand from students with disabilities who have been successful.

Emerging Advocates Group

Liz Weintraub in front of the Capitol Building

Learn from a professional advocate

Click here to join the Emerging Advocates group lead by Liz Weintraub, from AUCD. Liz and current and past college students gather on Zoom to learn about advocacy and why it’s important. The group meets about 4 times a year.



College Search

Magnifying Glass

Find one that’s right for you!

This webpage has information on more than 300 college programs for students with ID. You can search for a college that is right for you!