Employment Partnerships Affinity Group

Employment Partnerships Affinity Group



Jaclyn Camden

Jaclyn Camden

Assistant Director for Center on Transition Innovations and Director of ACE-IT in College;
Chair of Employment Partnerships Collaborative Workgroup

Danielle Dahm

Danie Roberts-Dahm, PhD
Project Coordinator, Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network

The Employment Partnerships Affinity Group is an open-access group for individuals who want to learn about successful systems-level employment partnership collaborations between institutions of higher education (IHEs), vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies, developmental disability (DD) agencies and employers that support students with intellectual disability to go to college.

Meetings will include facilitated discussion on opportunities and barriers to employment partnerships for students with ID as well as guest speakers/experts from the field. In addition, resources to raise awareness, highlight promising practice, and replicate successful partnership activities will be shared.

Past Meetings

State Alliance Support for Employment Partnerships
Julie Lackey, Director of Oklahoma IPSE Alliance, presented on Oklahoma's employment partnerships and how she helped facilitate those partnerships with their IPSE programs.

Relationships with Vocational Rehabilitation
Date: February 15, 2023
Summary: In this meeting, the group facilitator Jaclyn Camden and her VCU colleague Hannah Ramsey,  presented on ACE-IT in College’s Relationship with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). Attendees also discussed challenges with VR collaboration specific to their programs and examples/resources to build positive VR partnerships. 

Kick-off Meeting
Date: November 29, 2022
Summary: This meeting focused on providing an overview of the new Employment Partnerships Affinity group, Think College Network, and the Employment Partnerships National Workgroup. Attendees discussed what they hope to get out of the group and topics to focus on for the following meetings.