Public Policy Affinity Group

The Public Policy Affinity Group was designed to allow online discussion related to policy and legislation affecting inclusive higher education at the state and federal levels. What we realized over time was that policy is an important aspect of all of the affinity group topics, and should be integrated in the regularly scheduled meetings.

Effective October 2020, the Public Policy Affinity Group will not hold regular meetings. You may continue to contact Denise Rozell with any questions, and consider joining other Affinity Groups to stay informed about important issues related to inclusive higher education.


Next Meeting

The Public Policy Affinity Group will not be meeting anymore. Instead, policy issues will be addressed as appropriate within each of the other Affinity Groups. 

Notes from past meetings

The last joint meeting of the Think College Vocational Rehabilitation, Public Policy, and Student Credentials Affinity Groups was August 12, 2020. At this session we welcomed three guest speakers, Mary Hauff, advocate and parent from Minnesota, and Lauren Bruno and Jennifer Cremers, University of Iowa REACH program, will share an overview of the program’s use of WorkKeys as a tool to increase access to evidence-based credentials earned by students with ID. The recording can be found here

A crossover Affinity Group meeting with the Vocational Rehabilitation and Student Credentials groups was held on April 1, 2020. All resources can be found here, including the recording, transcript, a special PowerPoint, and a summary handout.

The last meeting was a(nother) special crossover meeting with the Vocational Rehabilitation Affinity Group and the Student Credentials Affinity Group, held on Wednesday, November 6 at 2pm Eastern. The recording and agenda from that meeting can be found here

The August 7, 2019 Public Policy group was a special combined Affinity Group meeting, along with the Student Credentials and Vocational Rehabilitation groups. The recording and transcript can be found here

A special meeting was held on May 7. At this meeting with TPSIDs, Frank Smith and Meg Grigal from the Think College National Coordinating Center, explained proposed changes to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and the impact this would have on inclusive PSE. A recording of this meeting and a summary document can be found here

The Public Policy group met on Thursday, April 18 2019. You can find the recording and handouts here

The group met on Thursday, January 17, 2019. During this call we discussed the new Congress, your new State legislative sessions, the Higher Ed Act, what to anticipate in the coming year, and some new material we have developed. You can find the recording and additional materials here

The Public Policy Affinity Group met on Thursday, September 13, 2018, where we discussed how to infuence policy at Vocational Rehabilitation to better support inclusive postsecondary education.  The recording of the meeting and the meeting notes can be found here.

The Public Policy Affinity Group met on Thursday, February 22, 2018. All handouts, the Power Point, and the recording from the meeting, can be found in our resource library

At this meeting, we discussed the pending reauthorization of the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act, and considered the following questions: What does that mean for TPSIDs created under the law and others that have inclusive higher education programs for students with intellectual disabilities? What can you do? Who should you be talking to about your programs? What are you hearing in the field about HEOA? 

The second meeting of the Public Policy Affinity Group was held November 30, 2017. Invited guest, Chris Rosa, Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, City University of New York, spoke on behalf of CUNYs TPSID consortium on how they are moving forward to influence their legislature on behalf of all the programs.

The recording and power point presentation can be found in our resource library

The first meeting was held on June 8, 2017. At the meeting we:

  • Reviewed the purpose of the Public Policy Affinity Group
  • Previewed materials being developed for the Project Directors meeting
  • Heard from Martha E. Mock, Ph.D. Director, Institute for Innovative Transition at the University of Rochester and Margo Vreeburg Izzo, Ph.D., Program Director, The Ohio State University Nisonger Center about their experiences with public policy related to inclusive higher education in their respective states.

Listen to recording of first meeting:

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