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Affinity Group: A group of people who come together based on areas of common interest and need. 

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The Think College National Coordinating Center hosts Affinity Groups on topics related to higher education for students with intellectual disability.  Meetings are primarily online, and new members are always welcome! Affinity groups offer the opportunity for in-depth focus on a single topic in collaboration with others. Each group gives members a forum for exchanging knowledge, and for problem-solving based on people's real experiences. These groups can break down networking, communication, and organizational barriers, and extend each member’s range of contacts and knowledge.

Current Affinity Group Pages

Group pages have a calendar, meeting connection information, a rolling agenda link, and past meeting notes.

Past Affinity Groups

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We now have a form to sign up for one or more Groups. After signing up, you will receive an email from the Group lead with more information. You can expect email updates to include meeting dates, links to an agenda, meeting room link, and related resources. 

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