Student Credentials Affinity Group

Welcome to the Think College Student Credentials Affinity Group!

The Student Credentials Affinity group brings together professionals, researchers, advocates, policymakers and educators interested in discussing the credential landscape in postsecondary education. This is an open-access special interest group targeted at individuals who want to contribute to the discussion of “meaningful credentials” for students with intellectual disabilities.

The purpose of the Affinity Group is to:

  • Facilitate dialogue on the credential landscape in inclusive higher education
  • Connect with others
  • Share tools and resources

Through a series of quarterly online meetings, this affinity group will consider the points of view of several key stakeholders:

  • Students with Intellectual Disability
  • Businesses / Employers
  • TPSID Programs
  • Institutes of Higher Education

Next Meeting

The next Student Credential Affinity Group meeting is scheduled for September 8, 12:00-1:00 pm EST. Meeting room link.  The agenda is available now.

Meeting title: An IPSE Credential Journey

Topic: Dr. Kate Strater (2020 TPSID PI at Calvin University) has agreed to share her journey through their credential approval process at Calvin University. Kate’s work included not only starting a new IPSE program at Calvin, but the realignment of established processes to CTP guidelines.  With nearly 20 students their first year, it has been a PROCESS!  While every IPSE program is unique, there will be many take-aways and great discussion!

Notes from Past Meetings

During the June 8, 2021 Credential Affinity Group meeting, Kathy Becht shared a set of credential development briefs and specifically briefs # 2 and 3 which detail three types of credentials that Florida programs had established and program of study examples for each type of credential (liberal arts, career & technical education, and transitional). The new type of credential emerging-badges or microcredentials was also discussed. Watch the recording.

This "re-start" meeting on April 15, 2021 included 30 participants who shared their credential journeys and completed a poll on credential types. Additionally, people shared their preferences on topics for future meetings. You may access the meeting recording here. 

The last joint meeting of the Think College Vocational Rehabilitation, Public Policy, and Student Credentials Affinity Groups was August 12, 2020. At this session we welcomed three guest speakers, Mary Hauff, advocate and parent from Minnesota, and Lauren Bruno and Jennifer Cremers, University of Iowa REACH program, will share an overview of the program’s use of WorkKeys as a tool to increase access to evidence-based credentials earned by students with ID. The recording can be found here

A crossover meeting with Public Policy & Vocational Rehab Affinity Groups was on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The recording and transcript can be found here

Our last meeting was a(nother) crossover meeting with the Public Policy & Vocational Rehabiliation Affinity Groups. It was on November 6 at 2pm. You can find the recording and transcript here

The last meeting was a special crossover meeting with the Public Policy and Vocational Rehabiltation Affinity Groups. The meeting was held on August 7; the recording and transcript can be found here

The Student Credentials Affinity Group hold meetings quarterly and typically includes a discussion of the current state of credentials, in addition to other relevant happenings in higher education for students with ID. Informal sharing is also a part of each meeting. You can find more detailed notes by opening the agenda or watching the recording. Click on this link for the agenda for all our meetings (most recent meeting is first in the document. Scroll down to see the agenda for previous meetings). Click on the links below to access recordings and other resources from past meetings.

May 9, 2019

February 28, 2019

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