Job Development: Market the Employer to Secure the Job

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Section 5: Market to the Employer to Secure the Job

Now that you have gathered all this information about the student, you have all the basics for a Marketing Script:

Job development steps

After you’ve developed some rapport with an employer and are at the point where you are ready to make your sell, you have very convincing arguments!

It is not recommended that job developers write out an exact script of what you will say – this can lead to a stilted or over-prepared presentation and may make you uncomfortable. But go ahead and take the completed Features to Benefits chart that you have filled in with you, which will give you "talking points" right in front of you. You can find a blank chart in the Resources Section. Some people even present that chart directly to the employer and work through it together.

If you have a student who is capable of selling herself to an employer, you can work with her to use this Features to Benefits chart to answer interview questions and really sell herself during a job interview as well. When a student can talk very clearly about her strengths AND how those strengths apply to the job she is specifically interviewing for, it is a very powerful interview. If you can do that for a student as well, it's a really easy sell.

As a result of this process, you can also assist the student to develop a RESUME:  A resume is a professional-looking, formatted list of a person's features that stand out to an employer. The Features to Benefits chart makes the resume easy to create!

Also, you can create MARKETING MATERIALS: Go through the features to benefits process for yourself as a job developer— what are YOUR features and how do they benefit LOCAL BUSINESSES? Now it's easier to sell yourself AND develop the text for a solid marketing brochure or pamphlet that you can leave behind for employers to reference. See an example of a completed Features to Benefits document that outlines the "win-win" for both an employer and an employment agency in the Resources Section.