"Cómo buscar una universidad": Our first Spanish-language publication!

We are proud to announce our first publication in Spanish! This is a translation of one of our most popular resources: How to Think College: Conducting a College Search. We are grateful to the Autism Society of Los Angeles PEP Project, where a volunteer did this translation to meet the needs of their community. You can find the new Spanish translation here, and the English version is available here

Family members of people with disabilities can make the difference between young people heading to college, versus never seeing that as an option. Parents, guardians, and siblings are instrumental in helping people "think college"! We're excited to be opening up our publications to a larger group of individuals and family members by translating them.

Please share this resource with families and individuals whose native language is Spanish. And let us know if you would find it helpful to have other Think College publications available in Spanish--or in other languages!